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"Sipping on clouds"

Thomas Ross, Portland Mercury, Aug. 2017

Back in Northwest, the Solo Club, sister bar to reborn local mainstay Besaw’s, won high marks from me when it opened for the menu’s “coolers” section—simple, classic constructions like the spritz, gin and tonic, or fernet and cola, usually with a choice of amaro. It’s a go-to bar for introducing neophytes to the world of Italian bitters, and now that the coolers include a $10 “fizz,” it’s also a gateway for the egg white-averse. The addition of soda gives these beauties an even lighter weight, planting them firmly between expectations—smooth and fizzy, bitter and sweet, cooling and cozy—like an ice-cold cashmere scarf coiled in a coupe glass. Fruitier, slightly sweeter bitters like Melletti 1870 pop languorously, though on a hot day I recommend Cappelletti. There’s something a little rebellious-teenager about its broad candy sweetness, like a bubblegum bubble lazily eclipsing the face of a disaffected mallrat.

Made right, the egg white cocktail is the cloud that finally slips across the sun. And even if it doesn’t drop the ambient temperature, it at least lets you relax that permanent squint and pulls a soda-commercial “ahh” from your lips. Just don’t spill it on the sidewalk. We’re not making omelets.

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Slabtown Hits Refresh: The Solo Club

"NW Portland is getting cool again"

by Thomas Ross

Right at the Fork


"The Solo Club, the long-awaited pastry, lunch, dinner, and cocktail lounge featuring a years-in-the-works dinner menu from Besaw's Executive Chef Dustin Clark, will open its doors on August 15, with a grand opening party lasting from 6 to 10 p.m".

SOMETHING STRANGE is happening in Northwest Portland: It’s getting cool again. Under pretenses of celebrating the Slabtown neighborhood’s working-class history, apartment buildings like the LL Hawkins are going up (next to a New Seasons, no less). And even those of us who can’t afford a studio have to admit the Hawkins is kind of a looker. (Didn’t we agree that all new buildings must be eyesores so Portlanders could keep carping?)

One neighborhood staple, Cana Flug’s Portland classic Besaw’s, lost its spot on NW 23rd last year and adapted by relocating and rebranding, moving to the LL Hawkins. And now Besaw’s has a sister in the next-door Solo Club. The colorful, bi-level café and bar has a focus that’s just about as Portland-cool as it gets: excellent coffee in the morning, amaro- and bitters-focused cocktails in the evening, and a Southeast-Asian inspired menu all day long.  

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